Friday, November 26, 2010

What If

 What if we all had enough? What if there was no corporate greed? What if we were all satisfied with just the essentials? Why is it that Pumping Gas does not provide health insurance? Why is it that we are ok with People who are homeless or the fact that are country is in the hole, a billion plus dollars? Why is it that we think it is a good idea to buy everything new and to through out anything that is slightly used or was last season? Is it ok that we would prefer are air ways to be crowded with media about Jennifer Anistons current love affair and weither or not her and Brad will get back together for the billionth time? Are we running and Hiding from the things that need fixed in this world, because it means each and everyone of us ( inlcuding me) would have to change much of are lifestyle so that these issues can change and all could eat and have a home? Are you afraid to see what it would mean? To lose a car or two or to live in a house with one bedroom for two? Can you imagine???????